My Platinum Child


Meet my one and only daughter, Estelle! She

just won 3rd Best Speaker in the recent ASIAN

Union Debate Championship held in Kuala Lumpur,

Malaysia. She was also elected as Chair of the Asian

Debating Union. You know what they say…like mother,

like daughter! ehem! hehehehehe

Author: Susan Ople

Susan "Toots" Ople is the President of the Blas F. Ople Policy and Training Institute. She's an OFW and labor advocate based in the Philippines.

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  • prans

    04 June 2007

    A bit off-topic.

    Madam, maybe you could suggest to sen roxas to investigate the DFA regarding the policy of the DFA in sending their employees to serve in our embassies, why are they invoking the prerogative of the heads of posts and the bidding process to get an assignment? it is clearly a violation of the RA7157. It is not even stated or written in said RA, that all employees of the DFA should make bids and prerogative of heads of posts.

    There is this growing demoralization in that ranks of the rank and file, before an employee can be assigned to any embassies without making a bid or the ambassadors choosing who they want to be assigned in the embassies, now beciuse of this, majority has become demoralized, kasi nga kailangan sipsipan ang labanan.


  • Congratulations! Like mother, like daughter talaga.



  • prans, will look into your observation & proposal. i had such a wondeful time at the DFA and it saddens me to hear about the rank and file being demoralized. thanks for writing to me about it.
    schumey, she’s a much improved version!
    kuya bulos, salamat for both the comment and for dropping by!

  • congrats to ms. estelle! ma’am toots, meron po bang writing workshop or seminar sa ople policy center? correspondence office-OP is looking for trainings po kasi e. pls. email me for info. ty.

  • ev

    wow!congratulations to your daughter!

    my hat’s off!

    great site here!


  • Wow! Congratulations, Estelle!
    Like mother, like daughter… like lolo! Galing 🙂

    Take care!