Life at a Call Center 2: What if she were your Mom?

Ever since my column entitled, “Life at a Call Center,” came out in Panorama Magazine, I have been getting heartwrenching e-mails from call center agents. Their response only underscores the need for the Department of Labor and Employment to set up a special unit dedicated to promoting safety and health standards in the BPO industry and setting up voluntary arbitration mechanisms specifically for the industry.

One of the letters I received came from a 52-year old woman. Pending permission for me to print her real name, let’s keep her identity under wraps for the meantime. Meanwhile, I call on other “insiders” to share their own experiences of life at a call center with Our Times. Hopefully, this would enlighten government that the industry’s success should not be used as a shield against workers’ rights and humane treatment for their employees.

Read on.

Our Times
Philippine PANORAMA Magazine
The Manila Bulletin

Dear Ms. Susan,

I read your article on Our Times of the Panorama dated May 18, 2008 and felt the need to share my experience with the call center industry. I hope this would interest you. I also hope this may enlighten the minds of those people of my age as to what they might possibly encounter when they join the call center industry.

I am now 52 years old turning 53 in July. I have a husband 14 years my senior and has 3 children ages 24, 18 and 16. My eldest, a girl, works with a call center company at the HR Department. She used to be call agent after graduating from college. My second child is a boy now in 3rd year college and my youngest, also a boy, will be 4th year high this school year. I am a college graduate, my last employment was with a prestigious bank as a secretary to a Senior Officer. I resigned in 1983.

Sometime in 2004, I decided I should take advantage of the “equal opportunities” the call center industry has been offering. I went to a Job Fair at the Malacanang grounds. I was called up and interviewed at home by one of the companies I submitted my resume to. I was scheduled for a test the following day in Makati and luckily I passed. I chose the Alabang site because it is near my place in Las Pinas.

I was hired on November 16, 2004 and signed a contract to receive P12,500 basic pay and P1,500 food and transportation allowance.

Having no idea what to expect in the industry and in dire need of money to help out financially, I started training. My co-trainees were the ages of my children except for one who was then 54 years old. I said to myself it’s alright, I am a good person, anyway. But on day one, I heard some guys talk out loud in the vernacular “why are those here (pointing at me and the other old trainee), aren’t they suppose to stay at home and take care of their grandchildren?” I said to myself I shouldn’t be so sensitive. Different personalities, I assured myself.

At the training, we were always asked to form into teams of 5 members. There, we will make a name for our team, draw and color the team name and list some things the trainor ask for. Kid’s stuff. We were provided with huge paper, crayolas, pen markers, and not enough space to work. EVERYONE SHOULD WORK. These young guys and girls take their positions, some work on the floor, others on the table. It was OK with me. I work on the floor, too. There were times that I think it was even fun. We had different kinds of games. But one game that made me make a second thought about working for this industry was the “spell the word with your ass”. I felt so humiliated for myself.

Not that these kids are really disrespectful, not all of them, though, but they just don’t have patience with older co-trainees. I had friends there, but the others were just spoiled brats who show disrespect. They laugh at you at times, and blame you to the face when you make mistakes. Everything we did was a teamwork. In between these games, we did the Trainings.

Some trainers, although I couldn’t blame them, are impatient. They are used to the pace of these young people. Having no computer classes in my time, I self studied at home with my kids as my coaches and trainers. I am not as efficient as them but I do well. And the active brains of these young kids are maybe a mile away from mine.

I passed the two trainings I undergone, the Communications and Culture Training and the Products and Services Training and was ready for the Transition period in Alabang where we have to take actual calls from customers in the US. But almost every morning when I ride the bus to go home, my tears fall. I silently cry in the bus. I felt so violated by some of my young co-trainees and my trainer who sometimes smashes my computer monitor just to show me where the answers to the drills were. And being embarrassed in front of the entire group of trainees is not new to me. I said to myself if not only for the need to work to earn money, I wouldn’t be feeling this way. I am sure my kids would not be doing such disrespect to elders. I never expected there were kids who were like this. I was never violated like this in my entire life. Despite, I was thankful I overcame the difficulties and passed the training.

At the transition period, there were other trainers. Even worst trainers. They shout at almost all of us. They command, they do not train! They always say they wouldn’t be getting as much as they are getting now if they did not experience the same before, so it’s our time to get the same dose of it. They even call the Transition period “hell week”.

Much as I would like to stay and go through, my blood pressure rose to 200 I could already feel my ears pulsating on my headset. They were rattling us, they were embarrassing us, they were practically shouting at us. One of my co-trainees who never smoke went out that night and smoked for the first time because he was put on a stand and was embarrassed and pressured all the way. Trainers always say they are getting us used to the irate customers and we have to be ready.

I did not finish the Transition Period. I asked my husband to fetch me from the company at 2:30am. I didn’t even want to look back at the building. I was shaking and crying on the way home. I told one of the trainers I had my blood pressure checked and it was over 200 so I had to go home.

I filed my resignation thru FAX on January 4. I was just one step away from taking calls on my own on the floor, in my booth, but PRESSURE forced me to resign.

I purposely did not include the name of the company where I trained. If you would want the name, I could be reached thru email and my cel no. More power to you and thank you.


Author: Susan Ople

Susan "Toots" Ople is the President of the Blas F. Ople Policy and Training Institute. She's an OFW and labor advocate based in the Philippines.

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  • Concerned Friend


    What a frustrating experience you have encountered in that Call Center? You’ve definitely made the right decision. My God!!!, shooting up your blood pressure to 200 is somewhat detrimental to you especially in your age.

    What’s the name of the Call Center you’ve work with by the way? Can you email me the name of that Call Center?

    Thanks and God Speed!

    Kind regards,
    Concerned Friend

  • ann

    I am also working in a call center i am turning 51 this coming december 2008. I had been working with a japanese car manufacturing firm as an executive secretary and with various mulitinational companies. At my age, experiencing pre menopausal syndrome i thought this would make it easier for me to forget the almost anything bad you feel when you have the pre-menopausal syndrome, i was diagnosed as diabetic and hypertensive. My comment on working with call center is that they don’t give a damn about your age giving you the night shift or even worst the early morning shift. I tried to change my shift to the morning shift but it is very rare that you will be given this chance to change your shift. Being a single mom and my kids are all married and now i am living alone, i need to work for my maintenance medicines and for my sss, philhealth for my retirement benefits, but i just can’t stand the pressures and the stress that comes with it. When you work you need to only have a 5 min personal break for the whole shift, then 15 minute break after 2 hours and an hour lunch break and last 15 minute break before your shift ends. I hope the CALL CENTER industry will look into the regulations given to people my age. I know we are capable of working but the schedule might be adjusted on what age the person who works with the call center has.

  • ann

    i forgot to mention i had been working with the call center as a technical support since December 2006.

  • manny

    I experienced the same as Mrs. Q did. I loved the comapny I worked with(Eperformax)but some are really rotten that made the experience regrettable. I’m in my 30’s and I was a manager in our consrtuction company before I joined the “circus”. My coach and QA are the worst “leaders” in that comapny and they made my BP shut up to 200+ and so I did not hesitate to name them in my exit interview. I was not like that to my people and I pitty them for their lack of maturity to be leaders to begin with. And they’re not fresh graduates either. One was hired within and the other a graduate from Ateneo. Bunch of “power tripping” asses. Pati nga girls and gays na teammates ko kinakayakaya nila.They shouted at them as if sila ang nagpapasweldo sa amin. And when they turned their attention to me they got what they desereved…sabay resign. Up to now when I apply in other call centers and ask why I resigned, I tell them what really happened and asked for those guys names. But out of delicadeza I never did gave up their names. They have families to feed and lifestyles to sustain. So Mrs. Q if you like to work again, you can apply here in our company. We have a stress-free environment here and I assure you you will enjoy your stay here. It’s in alabang too so it’s near our city. You can reach me at 09272222754 anytime.

  • mrsevita

    alam nyo, marami talagang mga batang professionals sa cal cener and powertrippers (like in our company, stellar, ip relay ang account namin) kung mag aasta akala mo magagaling na at malayo na ang narating pero pag check mo call center lang ang naging trabaho nila buong buhay nila. wala pang ibagn naging experience sa buhay. may mga sups sa amin na sobra ang pagkiling sa ibang ahente. may nag co-coaching sa labas ng buildinga t smoking-coaching ang style.tama ba yun? ipro-promote mo ang isang tao kahit na puro late at absent at di naman ganun kagalingan dahil ano? close ke tm eh. sabi nila equal opportunity daw sa loob, maaring sa hiring with the hr oo, pero sa loob ng production, noooooo! ang mga tms dito samin puro mga “epal” to borrow their crude word. sila sila mismo gumagawa ng istorya laban sa isat isat. ang mga ahente tuloy na dedemoralize sa style nila.alam kaya ng mga site directors at may ari ang style ang mga leaders sa loob?

  • connie

    sa akin pong palagay,kaya may mga kabataan tayo ngayon na ganyan ang attitude dahil di sila nagabayan ng tama ng kanilang mga magulang,king ang isang tao ay napangaralan simula pagkabata,hanggang pagtanda nila,dala nila ang mga values na itinuro sa kanila…dirin natin masisisi ang mga magulang,kung minsan,kailangan magtrabaho sa hirap ng buhay,kaya napapabayaan na ang mga kabataan…hindi nama siguro lahat.

  • Roberto Arias


    Your experience was uncalled for, and downright harrowing
    to say the least!

    The Call Center personnel’s behavior was some sort of
    “defense mechanism”. Pinalalalim lang nila yung klase
    ng trabajo nila, na in reality, is just CLERICAL in nature
    ……nothing more. In short, their just making a big deal
    out of it, para magkaron ng “depth”.

    Let your “entrepreneurial” talent, come into fore, however small, (any product or services) that you’re comfortable

    Good luck. Cheers!

  • I am a Communication Skills Trainer in one of the biggest BPOs in the Philippines.

    I always had hybrid participants in my class in terms of age, work experience and behavior. We set a standard in handling trainees regardless of age and background. I feel sorry for Mrs Q’s experience because it is true that some trainers need to improve on handling different learners.

    I hope that Mrs. Q will still see call centers and BPO industry as a professional industry despite her experience working with one before.

    Mrs. Q, I wish you well. Those folks should be very afraid as their mothers might be the recipient of the bad karma that may reach them in anyway.

    With your permission Ms. Ople, I will use your blog as a reference in one of my blog entries to help you and other people realize the respect that is due for future learners like Mrs. Q.

  • Alvin

    Hi Mrs> Q, May i know the call center that your working before, kindly email to me.thanks….

  • Hi there Friends,

    It is so sad to hear experiences from different world from the one that we know off. Same thing happened to me with the first call center that I got into, but i did befriend the trainer since she was not that happy herself and we became good friends.

    For now, I am working in a company here at ortigas and I could tell that I am a bit lucky since the company’s policy is quite strick especially with harrasment, whether you are a manager or a regular employee all must adhere to the policy.

    I do emphatize with you all who have an unfortunate experience with brats from schools were english is the only subject they can pass.

    Regards to all and good luck

  • call center veteran

    I have been in a call center environment for 5 years already. My first job in a call center environment, an outbound sales account and I stayed for only four months, resigned, then I transferred to a different company but as a Technical Support agent then rose up the ranks.
    I totally agree with you and with the other comments pertaining to these call center “power trippers”. They would humiliate you just to give depth to their roles without regard to human dignity and morals, and yes, majority (if not all) of these “power trippers” never had a real job. In fact it’s the only job they know and would have a very hard time getting accepted in a corporate environment and in similar capacities.
    But That is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many leaders, trainers, or supervisors that get promoted by using the kiss-ass policy. Yes, befriend the higher ups, and you’ll go somewhere. What about the people who really deserves the position? What if the best person for that position WAS friendly to the higher ups but still didnt get the post? They already have set their minds, a favorite candidate! There you go! Some dont deserve the post and they are not natural born leaders just common thugs, the result, “power trip”. Psychologically its a defense mechanism for persons that are scared, uneducated and with low self-esteem. These trippers are just masking it.

  • Jem

    Hi Mrs Q.,can you please email me the name of that call center..tnx very much and Godbless…

  • malou

    nakakalungkot naman po yung experience nyo and at the same time nakakagalit. I had the same experience with ACS-Cubao. I applied there coz it’s just near my place but I only stayed for one day. I’m not new to this industry, and I was used to some of the behaviors of my previous trainers but with them, I was shocked. I can’t believe na may trainer silang ganun ugali. Grabe! I was humiliated by one of their trainers named “Philip”. Uso ata dun ang power tripping. Bastos at walang modo. For Mr Roberto Arias, masakit naman po masyado at nakakawala ng respeto yung sinabi nyo about sa aming mga nagtatrabaho sa call center, “Pinalalalim lang nila yung klase
    ng trabajo nila, na in reality, is just CLERICAL in nature
    ……nothing more. In short, their just making a big deal
    out of it, para magkaron ng “depth”.” Though panget talaga ung ginawa ng mga taong yun, sana yung comment nyo hindi po para sa lahat ng nagtatrabaho sa call center. It’s not easy working in this industry. Sana hindi nyo naman po nilalahat kase not all people ganun ang ugali. Masyado naman po yatang mababa ang tingin niyo sa aming mga nagtatrabaho sa industriya na ito.

  • Roberto Arias

    Attn: Ms Malou

    My apologies to you. (i guessed your not one of them)!
    Bless you !!Nagkaron lang ng “collateral damage”
    in the process!

    It is directed therefore to ALL the”EGO/POWERTRIPPERS”
    in the industry!

    You can smile now. Cheers!

  • mrs, q plz txt me the campany name who violate u.. plzz 09292576782
    actually i planned to apply in a call center this coming school year as a part timer im 18yrs old

  • Dear Mrs Q.
    My utmost simphaty to you, you did the right thing by resigning from that call center, but I don’t think that you should witheld the name of the company. In fact if I were you I’d not only name the compnay but the disrespecting asshole as well, I’ve also gone through the same thing except I experience in form “Teletech”, it was in an “Accent Conversational English” that I’ve experinence a pomptus asshole, his name is Mischa Fernandez and yes he’s every bit disrespectful, he has a lot of criticisim against any trainees, he always expect everybody to learn fast……so I admit, I’m a bit slow, when in one of the call simulation I find it hard to cope up with the system that we will be using on the floor, I exceeded the 5min time limit after which he started to talk out loud and criticize me in front of everyone else. To tell you the truth he’s one step of being punch in the face by me, coz I don’t like the idea of 37 yr old dude like me being openly criticize by a 25 yr old asshole like me…….To make the long story short I quit after 3 days.

    But anyway Mrs.Q, it is not only the call center on which there is a big opportunity, believe me if you have the time and money you enroll as a “Medical Transcriptionist”. Just like the call they open to anybody who has undergone such training. You can inquire at MTC……though you have to look for it from your local yellow pages.

  • Ok manny, which call center are you working in Alabang? Co’z if you’re talking about the following: Convergys, APAC, Etelecare, HSBC, I been there as an applicant just recently. I’m just 3 step away of giving up applying in a call center.Tell you something about me I have the same qualifications as every applicant would have when appling in a call center, except that I’m already a near native speaker of the American Accent and I can also speak a British accent.

    After the 3 steps of me giving up applying in a call center I can honestly say that “CALL CENTER SUCKS”.

  • Hi Ms. Q,

    That’s unfortunate, I just dont understand the vision and values that all these Call Centers employ to their new recruits. I can’t even imagine working with assholes in that company, might go to trouble then.

  • Sting

    Mr Q:

    Here are the list of callcenters that are offering part-time positions: Convergys (Makati br only), Rainmaker, HSBC, APAC, Peoplesupport (availability of part-time positions are seasonal) and Infonxx (Makati Br only).

  • summer

    MRS Q,

    Ako man ay kasalukuyang nagtra-trabaho sa isang call center, sa Makati, at kahit di mo man sabihin ang pangalan ng kumpanyang iyong napasukan, alam ko kung anung kumpanya ito. Naka-panlulumong karanasan ang iyong napagdaanan, at nakiki-isa ako sayo sa pag kundena sa mga taong iyong nakasalamuha.

    May mangilan-ngilan talaga na nasa posisyon ang umaasal ng hindi tama. Inaabuso ang kanilang posisyon at kapangyarihan. Pero kailangan ko rin iparating na hindi lahat ng nasa posisyon at may kapangyarihan ay abusado, na hindi lahat ng nasa posisyon at may kapangyarihan ay mapang-abuso.

    Gusto ko ring ipaalala na ikaw, bilang isang empleyado ay may mga karapatan. Karapatan mong iparating sa kinauukulan ang iyong saloobin at hinaing. Sa isang malaki at multi-national na kumpanya tulad ng iyong napasukan, sigurado ako na may ilang makikinig sa mga sasabihin at reklamo mo. Nasumbong ka sana sa mga bisor sa kumpanya para mabigyan ng kaukulang imbestigasyon ang nagyari sa iyo. Ang iyong pag-alis ay nagbigay lamang sa kanila ng lakas ng loob na ulit-ulitin ang mga maling ginagawa nila.

    Sa kabila ng lahat, naiintindihan ko ang iyong saloobin at dalangin ko ang iyong magandang kinabukasan sampu ng iyong pamilya.

    …and for SOME who think that working in a call center, is an easy job, you’re wrong. If I may say, not all people are eligible to be in this line of work. A very good accent, correct grammar and communication skills aren’t enough to survive in this industry.

    We virtually face different people each day- with different attitudes, outlooks and personalities, but that’s just a small part of a gigantic machine that has the name CUSTOMER SERVICE on it.

    If you are having a hard time accepting the realities of what the job entails, if you think the job sucks, maybe its time to assess ourselves and ask are we really for this line of job?

    Gusto ko lang ipaalam sa mga nagbabasa nito na wala akong poot sa kaninong tao na ayaw sa industriyang ito. Ipinapakita ko lang ang bawat angulo sa likod ng industriyang ginagalawan ko sa kasalukuyan.

    Sa isang bansa na kulang ang trabaho para sa mga mamamayan nito at sa isang bansa na kung saan ay walang karapatang mamili ng ikabubuhay ang nakararami, maganda sigurong matuto tayong magpasalamat sa kung anu ang andyan para sa atin.

  • MRS. Q

    Dear everyone,

    It’s been quite a while before I made this message to thank you all who made comments and suggestions as well as directions as to where I could find a job. I’m so grateful but more so I’m relieved that I was not just being emotional or personal about it, and mine is not an isolated case but actually a malady in the industry. I just feel sorry that some of you experienced a similar situation. However, we survived, didn’t we. I just put it that these disrespectful, egotistic, power trippers, “epals” or whatever you may call them trainers are a result of staggard time schedule, pressure from even more pressured superiors, high compensation gotten into their heads, or the free bottomless hot coffee turning them into such ‘nocturnal nervous wrecks’.

    As to the name of the company where I trained, I think it is not necessary. As I have read in the feedback, different companies include in their package some disrespectful trainers. It has become endemic in the call center industry. I feel that they really need a punch on the face if only to remind them that we are all working for a living, that we are all into this hazardous task of going out of our houses in the wee hours and finding time to sleep in the daytime. Not just because they are trainers now, where they used to be trainees, they could do such things, and that this one big opportunity to all Filipinos to be able to work following that “equal opportunity” scheme by foreign investors be respected and observed.

    I could only give you one advise, and that is to follow your hearts. Good luck!

  • baddie maddie

    I totally agree with your comment summer. You said all that I wanted to say.

  • Gabby

    Hi Mrs. Q,

    I totally agree with you… most call center agents, trainer or what ever you call them are so arrogant. I work the most ‘hi-tech’ bldg in Makati. and guess who ruins the the environment, those arrogant people… they would talk to loud in the elevators with their ‘american accent english’ e paulit ulit lang naman sinasabi nila. i actually tried to talk with them with an Aussie accent.. hayun, di na naka sagot kasi current events and topic namin… ang alam lang kasi gawin ay mag benta ng services nila…. i have an aunt who works in a call center and had the same experience inside… a bad experirence… so much for diversity… respeto lang naman kasi pag heller lang din naman ang ginangawa nila… it is not a perfect or ideal job. every one has to start on something. sana lang wag nila ilagay sa brains nila na puro kape na magaling sila mag english… at akala nila may edge na sila…. at the end of the day,,,, they still earn so little compared to other jobs. mas marami lang market kasi dami call center offices pero patalon talon lang… and as for growth? ibang ibang accent, yun na un.

    I even applied at teletech. sabi sa akin under qualified ako,, e sira pala sila… i could have understood it if sinabi nila na over qualifed. i have been an I.T. Manager for 10 yrs. I just wanna test the waters if tutuo nga ang call center gossips about power tripping. they asked me questions which i belive i was able to answer, and in return i asked them querstions na out of this world ata for them. simpleng tanung palang e halus mamutla na sila… yes, they ae fluent in english pero try changing the topic… di na alam kung san huhugot ng sagot…

    so for those trainers there especially in convergys… lumingon kayo na pinagmulan nyo, and some are from the BLUE school in katipunan, ginastusan ng husto para sumagot ng calls. btw, we have a house help, high school graduate and very fluent in english, kayang makipag sabayan sa call center agnents… at higit sa alht, napaka ganda ng values!!!!

  • ms or mr gabby,

    i hope you are indeed happy being an i.t. manager now. but in order for you to be more effective you need to ask your househelp a favor..sabihin mo turuan ka ng magandang asal at iwasan mo din kumain ng ampalaya, ok?

  • leng

    yeah right, abby! :)) or maybe you’re just bitter because like what you said you failed the interview… aussie accent, huh? lol 😉 why would they not answer after? maybe they couldn’t understand you and got shocked with you bringing up a current events topic out of nowhere. and fyi, before we got hired, we passed several interviews. i suppose you know what hypothetical questions are. we can definitely comment on any topic… well, you might be referring to yourself. you can’t be overqualified and you better accept that. i can tell this by just reading your post… *peace!*

  • june


    First of all you mentioned earlier about a “hi-tech” building in Makati. Is there such?

    About you using the Aussie accent? The thing is did you ask the right question, or could be, that you were eating your words that they could not understand a thing that you were saying. hhmmmm.

    I have worked for different companies for several years here and abroad. I have a lot of respect for the people in the Call Center Industry. Don’t you think it’s a bit idiotic for you to judge this people without really experiencing the hardships they went through.

    Yes, it’s true that some people may be power trippers, but the question is, does it only apply in the call center industry. I think you better do a rain check on that one.

    If I were you, don’t wallow too much… Obviously your drowning in self pity. You said you think you are over qualified, how sure are you that you are?

    Before you judge people who are working their ass out, try to get hired first.

    To those judgemental people:

    People in the call center industry are not hired just because they are fluent in English, but also for their analytical skills.

    It’s not that I don’t sympathize to those people who were not treated well in the industry.But…..All employees have rights, you should know it. If you are unaware, you can check the Labor Code. Instead of creating blogs just to get sympathy. Practice your rights so that actions can be done.

  • baddie maddie


    Tell me, haven’t you encountered “arrogant people” in other industries yet? Because you talk like call center agents are the only arrogant individuals in the entire working world. Working as an I.T, Manager for 10 years, I think, gives you a wider perspective of how a company works. How people behave and how employees react. In any field, I’m sure, you’ll meet “arrogant people” that would really tick you off. Point is, you should not generalize. You can’t find a perfect system, you know.

    I can’t help but feel that you have some grudges over the call center industry. hmmm… is it because of the fact that you were rejected? I don’t think a company will not hire you if you are over-qualified. You said that the reason is because you are under-qualified. hhmm.. again, i think it’s more than that. Is it maybe of the fact that you are over confident to the point that it’s freakingly annoying?

    And FYI, not all call center employees drinks coffee. Pls. don’t stereotype. It’s embarassing.

  • anong kaguluhan ito?!?

    well… after wasting my precious time reading all of your comments, judgements and wild reactions e2 nlang ang mssabi ko..

    “…do what now?!”

    its pretty obvious that crab mentality still exist in each and everyone of us.

    arent you just glad that our country, the Philippines, got the chance to have the callcenter industry?

    ang laki ng natulong ng industry na ‘to for us.. all of us.

    for those people na ang baba ng tingin sa callcenter eh well.. dyan kayo ngkkamali…

    just think about working as a teacher, an accountant and a product specialist all at the same time… not to say holding back your temper and putting a lot of patience…

    arrogant people?
    compare that to what the callcenter people faces everyday…

    1. irate callers
    2. derogatory remarks ( google it!)
    3. racism
    4. at marami pang iba… as in!

    to mrs Q,

    momi Q nmn kc.. in the first place bgo po kayo sana ngapply sa callcenter, dpat inalam nyo po muna kung ano ba tlga ang mgging buhay nyo dun.. ang callcenter po is not just a job. ITS A LIFESTYLE. Each and everyone of us knew that this kind of job is not for a long term one (except nlang kung ung position mo eh OM and above ;-P). But eventhough gnun xa eh, working for this industry means…going the extra mile.

    at kung arrogant ung tingin nyo sa ibang callcenter people, eh nmn kc my ipagmmayabang nmn tlga..

    and ung ngcomment na puro coffee lang laman ng utak ng callcenter agent eh we make sure na it came from starbucks nmn… ;-P

    Masyado tayong sensitive sa mga nkkita ntn sa ating paligid pero naisip mo.. oo.. ikaw… na bka nkkairita at nakakaUMAY kna rin…

    khit saan kpa ngwwork, callcenter man o hindi what is important is we contribute something for our country.

    and i dont even know bkit bko ngcomment d2… amf!

    good luck nlang sa inyo..

    basta alam ko, cute ako.

    please visit my multiply acct..


  • J Ann

    gabby.. gabby..

    i’ve been thinking about u all day long. not because u and gabby dela merced shares the same given name (that is if it is ur real name). anyway, u know what, it really pissed me off reading ur comment. as in! maybe we call that a ‘freedom of speech’, but is it right to be judgemental? so how bitter is bitterness? what do u think huh?

    frankly speaking, i pity u. u sounds so pathetic that you didn’t even think of what people working in a call center would feel upon reading ur comment, and that includes me! so this is my piece…

    first and foremost, do u have friends working in the industry? coz it sounds like u don’t have one! ur not aware of the fact that this ain’t a so so job. working here is a skill.. believe me! this is a demanding industry. it requires a lot! not just a perfect english accent.. u got it wrong baby..

    and correcting u by the way..

    *di lang pag ‘heller’ ginagawa namen. my God it’s more than what you can think of. hope u’ve read the other comments. u don’t have the very least idea of how stressfull is a 9-hr shift for us. so sana medyo preno lng po ng konti. that’s not too much to ask right?! (take that as an advice too) on the other hand, u wouldn’t really know and understand it coz you were under qualified for the job. c?

    *at kung puro kape man ang laman ng utak namen, well that’s our problem. cguro lang kase my pambili kame at my unlimited coffee sa vendo. un un! brighter side of it, our brain cells are still functioning and at least hindi HANGIN ang laman. ehem!

    *good english as an edge? in reality, it is indeed! c’mon!

    *another thing, a call center doesn’t just sell products. they have several accounts, each of it is composed of different lines of business and caters different types of crowd. now u know!

    *and speaking of VALUES.. not all of us working in a call center ay wala nun at hindi din ibig sabihin na lahat ng tao working outside the call center industry ay may values. just try listening to urself, u would know.

    spell S-T-E-R-E-O-T-Y-P-E nga naman. haayyy..

    sooner or later, i hope u would know what does “RESPECT FOR INDIVIDUAL” means. fyi, that’s one of the convergy’s core values, and yes, i’m from convergys!

    FOR MRS Q,

    mommy, siguro nga this kind of job is not meant for u. so sad to know that u have to realize it in a not so nice way. but that’s how God planned it.. have faith.. goodluck and Godbless u and ur family.

  • cocoy

    hi gabby,

    It seems that you are getting angry with call center people due to shallow reasons. I also have an aunt who works for a call center, she is very dedicated and gives her heart towards her work. She resigned because of the trippers (trainors). At one point, did you ever power trip? you are an IT Manager as you mentioned. =)

    my message is let us apply the golden rule all the time. i know it is difficult to swallow but it reflects our values if we get pissed at them as well. on the floor, they run the show, but we run our lives.

    let’s be thankful to them because they make us stronger and ready for people ‘worst’ than them. They will eventually find their match. =)

  • lana rose turner

    wat happened to you usually happens.its normal. sad to say. sa business na to matira matibay pag mahina ka talo ka. im working in a kol center and marami ang more than 52 here. well respected and most specially knows how to play the game. that is whats important though. i hope sooner u’ll give it a try.

    gud luck

  • tricia

    Hey guys, why are you picking on gabby? Each individual is entitled to express what he wants. Gabby must have been hurt to express himself as mommy q. felt.

    Those in call centers have stories to tell. I, too have one but after seeing some nasty remarks, would rather keep it to myself now.

    Just shut up and respect each one’s views as this is a tale of his experience. Dont add hurts to his already unfortunate experience. Why not give your comments in a very humane manner?