Let’s move on?

Bishop A : “Pssst…nabigyan ka ba?”

Bishop B : “Nabigyan ng ano?”

Bishop A : “Alam mo na…”

Bishop B : “Hindi nga eh. Ano ba yong ipinamimigay sa labas?”

Bishop A : “Envelopes daw. Galing sa taas.”

Bishop B : “Envelopes? Galing sa taas? Wow, thank you, Lord. Allelujah. Praise God!”

Bishop A : “Hindi ganoong kataas, Bishop!”

Bishop B : “Naku, hindi ako tumatanggap ng envelope eh. Puwera lang kung para sa poor. Para ba sa poor?”

Bishop A : “Mayaman ka ba?”

Bishop B : “Hindi.”

Bishop A : “Eh, di para nga sa poor.”

Bishop B : “Amen! Sandali lang ha? Kukunin ko ang collection box ko….”

Note: CBCP president Archbishop Angel Lagdameo had this to say about the whole bribery episode: “Truth to tell, the bishops did not have any knowledge of the alleged plan of Malacanang to use these gifts or envelopes for political ends. It was only later when they realized the implication of the offer. So we now have returned the envelopes. The bishops were told that the envelopes were for the poor. But how must the poor be helped institutionally? On the one hand, bishops with limited resources of their dioceses are already trying to respond to the needs of the poor, e.g., through their social action programs. On the other hand, why must not the government use better its powerful institutions to help the poor? If the powerful institutions are not effective and efficient in the work of poverty alleviation, the question that must be asked is ‘Why’? But must it be channeled to the bishops at this time?”

Bishop B : “Pssst…”

Bishop A : “O, bakit?”

Bishop B : “Isosoli ko na lang itong envelope for the poor. Suhol naman pala ito eh.”

Bishop A : “Eh teka, nagastos mo na ba?”

Bishop B : “Medyo. Kasi madaming poor sa amin, eh.”

Bishop A : “Eh di hayaan mo na. Huwag ka ng magsoli. Ika nga nila, for the sake of the economy, let’s move on.”

Author: Susan Ople

Susan "Toots" Ople is the President of the Blas F. Ople Policy and Training Institute. She's an OFW and labor advocate based in the Philippines.

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