DFA Update on the Lebanon Crisis

18 JULY 2006

The Department of Foreign Affairs requests the public to take note of the following advisory:

1) Cellular networks are no longer operational in Lebanon. The relatives in the Philippines of OFWs in Lebanon should not worry if they are unable to contact their loved ones in Lebanon by mobile phone.

2) In light of this situation, the only means of communication of the Embassy in Beirut is the fixed-line/landline. The relatives in the Philippines of OFWs in Lebanon are requested to refrain from calling the Embassy’s landlines so that the lines of communication remain open between the Embassy and OFWs in Lebanon as well as with the Philippines.

3) The Department of Foreign Affairs and the Philippine Embassy in Beirut assure the public that everything is being done to ensure the safety of Filipinos in Lebanon.

Note: On a daily basis, Our Times will feature DFA and DOLE bulletins and updates on the Lebanon crisis for the benefit of families and friends of OFWs based in Lebanon and Israel. Right now, if you know of someone who is still being enticed to apply for jobs in Lebanon, please inform him or her that the airport in Lebanon is no longer functional/usable and that a travel ban has been imposed. Let’s all pray for the people of Lebanon and those in northern Israel that peace may come soon so that more innocent lives, including those of our own compatriots, can be spared.

Author: Susan Ople

Susan "Toots" Ople is the President of the Blas F. Ople Policy and Training Institute. She's an OFW and labor advocate based in the Philippines.

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  • While GMA wines and dines, she couldn’t care less for those trapped in Lebanon. Her policy, to make more slaves out of our countrymen all in the name of the mighty dollar. How callous for a “leader”. Forcing her people to leave behind their families. She did not even think of the social consequences this practice will have on the country. How many broken homes and kids gone astray must she see before she realizes the impact her policy has on our poor, hapless countrymen?

  • Hi, Ms Toots!

    Thanks for asking if have a blog,I will link you up.

    I have not beeen updating my blog lately,but I will.

    Thanks for updating us about the DFA’s moves and measures.

    I have a friend named Shallymar,her maiden name is Ople;is she a relative of yours?

  • Imagine,
    GMA is now telling our countrymen to go to Libya instead .
    We may empathize with our countrymen who would want to leave because they don’t have any choice,but for a president to promote her countrymen to other nations is simply pimping.

  • Sis,
    I was just reading Inquirer today saying how our govt. has a hard time evacuating Filipinos in Lebanon. This is very demoralizing to us Filipinos. I really do not understand. These Filipinos who are breaking their backs working as domestic workers in Lebanon are the ones giving regular remittances to our government. And yet, our gov’t claims that they have no funds for this kind of situation. It does not make sense to me really. So, what happened to the money that these OFWs are sending back home? Doesn’t the govt have some kind of contingency fund in cases of emergency? Or should the question be where did all the money go?

    Yesterday, I was watching CNN and BBC and first 180 Brits were plucked out as their govt. used a military ship to transport them to Cyprus. Then the Americans rescued their citizens through the same way. While I was watching, I was thinking, what about my fellow kababayans? Then when I read the news, the govt is calculating how expensive is the rescue effort if they use this and that etc.
    Now, I am wondering…if helping our Philippine govt. through remittances is a worth while effort. Well, we better ask those Filipinos in Lebanon as soon as they get rescued.