Because I write

Because I write,
I live with extraordinary people
Who don’t exist
Except upon my say so.

Because I write,
Words come and go
Like happy tourists
Travelling without a map

Because I write,
I ponder, and in the melancholy
Of my dreams, I cry

Because I write,
A choir of words
Give music to my pen

Because I write,
I can tuck the world
In bed and create a new one

Simply because,
I write.

Author: Susan Ople

Susan "Toots" Ople is the President of the Blas F. Ople Policy and Training Institute. She's an OFW and labor advocate based in the Philippines.

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  • Anonymous

    nice poem. i miss writing… the last time that i composed a poem was when i was in the Writers’ Club of the DFA..

  • i hope you’ll pick up the writing habit again soon. i do miss our writers’ club! thanks for dropping by!

  • epoch-c

    hi ms. toots, i am a humble fan of yours…trying to read your column whenever possible and i am very happy to find your site.

    I teach creative writing and i am simply amazed with how honest your words can be… not in terms of its truth content but in terms of the emotions it contains…

    i hope you wont stop writing such beautiful poems!!!

  • Hello Epoch-c! Nice play on words, by the way. Thanks for trying your best (hehehe) to keep up with my columns. I’m flattered (kilig talaga!) that you, a creative writing teacher (naks!) enjoy my poems. I won’t stop writing, that’s for sure. Send me an e-mail one of these days so I can write you back in a more private way. Cheers!

  • Riley

    oh wow… this is just wow… i’ve notice that all your poems were in free verse.. since I’m only 17 and got much more to learn, i was wonderin’ if you can help me, give me some backgrounds on what journalism is… I’m thinking about having journalism for my college course, but I think i can do more help with being a cop, so I’m swinging on the side of criminology.. Sorry if this is ot for this comment..:P

  • Riley, if you are interested in becoming a news writer or journalist/reporter, then journalism would be the course for you. If you like writing poetry, short stories, plays, and the like, you may wish to consider a course on creative writing. Now, if you are into handcuffs, chasing criminals, busting drug syndicates, visiting crime scenes, then yes, please be a criminal..oops, i meant, a criminology student. Good luck!

  • thanks toots. 😀 I’ll be a criminal.. I mean a cop:D thanks I’ll keep in touch

  • gem

    ….hi po…i’m glad i stopped….and deeply moved by the honesty of your writing..i admired you … same with your father….sure,i’ll drop by again! Godspeed!

  • Jon

    Hi Toots, I’m not sure if you still remember me. We took the Barbara Gonzalez’ writing class 4 years ago. I remember you read this poem aloud, it’s good to know you continue to write beautiful poetry!